Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine's Day. It seems like it is everyone's least favorite holiday. This year we "celebrated" a day early by cooking a delicious meal, drinking some of our favorite wines, and watching the Grammy's together. Not super romantic but just our style.
Ah, this Kosta Browne Pinot is so amazing. Koplen Vineyard. Yummmmy.

Chip put these lamb chops on the grill. I used this Mario Batali recipe that I LOVE. So easy. Lamb from Madison county and rosemary from the backyard. I served it with crunchy baked fennel and honey-ginger carrots. But really, the wine was the star of this show...

When it comes down to it, Chip shows his love for me every morning when I wake up to a steaming cappucino in my favorite mug. I show my love for him by making healthy weeknight meals. They both feed the body and soul. Sounds kinda lame, but its true. Having a meal at home at a fully set table by candlelight is pretty nice, though.

I've been a crappy blogger lately. Not sure why. I am hoping that spring will get me in the spirit. Bring it on!