Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Story of Three Palms

When we first moved in, I truly hated the trio of palm trees in the backyard. The picture to the left is from February, right before we bought the house. Yes, we had an inground pool, but I thought the palms looked really ordinary and expected. Everyone plants palms by the pool. The previous owners hadn't taken very good care of the plants. They were puny. The spent fronds had obviously been peeled down the trunk instead of cut with a sharp blade. I thought they were ghastly, and I wanted to cut them down and dig them up immediately. My mom talked me into keeping them for at least one summer, just to see if I ended up liking them. My mom likes palms and has quite a few sagos in her yard.

Guess what? They've grown on me. I've given them lots of TLC and they've grown tremendously! They are of the sabal, or cabbage, variety. I took a picture today so I could see the before and after. What a difference a summer makes! The smallest one on the left had the worst trunk damage, and it has grown very little. The one in the middle has grown a good bit. And the largest one on the right looks fantastic! The fronds are tall and plentiful. I'm keeping these babies!

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