Saturday, November 24, 2007

Flipping though the Pages... Which Magazines do I Recommend?

Katie at Gardenpunks asked, "Magazines - Which ones do you read/recommend?"

I subscribe to Food + Wine, Cooking with Paula Deen, and Better Homes and Gardens.

I like this magazine. My most favorite parts are the chef profiles and the features of restaurants all over the world. On our trip to London this year, we visited Gordon Ramsay's Maze on a recommendation from F+W. I don't often cook recipes from this magazine because the ingredients can be hard to find in small town Mississippi. But I love reading the recipes and staying in-the-know on cutting edge flavor combinations.

I was a big Paula fan when I ordered this magazine last year. I got a deal because I ordered a gift subscription for my aunt for Christmas. I quickly found out that couldn't cook anything in the entire damn magazine because the recipes are so unhealthy. Has anyone noticed that on her show lately Paula acts like she is drugged or something? She is like a Paula robot instead of the real thing. I dunno. The cake issue was awesome, but that was the only issue I kept recipes from. I won't resubscribe to this.

The past two years I've subscribed to BHG. The two years before that, it was Southern Living. I go back and forth between BHG and Southern Living because they are very similar. I do get better holiday decorating ideas from BHG though. I'll probably continue to do my rotation of BHG and SL.

The next few are the magazines I read or pick up at the store.
My grandparents subscribe to Organic Gardening and every time I go for a visit I find myself reading this one. Now that I have a vegetable garden, I plan to subscribe to this magazine. I just don't see how I can make it through my first growing season without it.

Cottage Living is my new favorite. I've picked it up every month since about June. Everything about this magazine just speaks to my style: the decor, the attitude, and of course the gardens. I'd love to live in one of the cottage communities they promote. I'm not a subscriber yet, but I plan to subscribe next month. I highly recommend this one.

Other magazines I pick up sometimes are Martha Stewart Living, Mother Earth News, Kiplinger's, dwell, and those random BHG special interest publications.

What about you?


Kathryn said...

Yeah, I was actually a little surprised that you got Paula Deen. My use of her recipes is pretty much limited to Thanksgiving and Christmas. You've definitely gotten me interested in Cottage Living though. The issue I saw at your house was great!

Annie in Austin said...

My sister gave me a subscription to Cottage Living last Christmas, Lisa and I've really enjoyed it, although their definition of 'cottage' is sometimes much grander that what I'd originally envisioned.

They sure do have interesting gardens!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose