Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Veggie Garden!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Jan 1st!! Where does the time go?

I did finish the veggie bed New Year's weekend. Well, almost finished. I still need a little bit of soil to go in it. Wanna see? Ta-da!!!

Here is the bed right after I finished putting it together.

I used this raised bed, purchased from Gardener's Supply Company.

So far I think this was a good choice. It fits my space just perfectly. Here are some photos from after I filled it with soil. I had to buy soil from HD because I just didn't have enough to fill it with. I used an organic mix.

Peeking out from the right side of this photo is the completed iris bed. I am thinking of under planting it with some strawberries.

The extension service says my last frost date is between March 12-21. Only 43 days away! This weekend I am going to get a detailed plan together. Can't wait! The weather should be nice this weekend - in the low 60s.

Oh! And I almost forgot. We got snow last weekend! On January 19th we woke up to a light spattering of snow. I took this photo at about 9:15 AM while I was on my way out the door to yoga class. By the time I got home from yoga at 11:00, all of it was melted. It was such a nice surprise!


sm2 said...

Yay for your veggie beds! I plan to get to work on mine this weekend! How is your composting going?

Jon said...

Lisa, Looks like you are getting off to a good start with your raised beds. Nice looking project you completed, and I hope you have a bumper crop of veggies!

Jon in Vicksburg on 2-2-08

Cathie said...

you have a lovely home and wonderful garden space!

SeedSwaps said...

Raised vegy beds are great in the summer. I build brick ones last year and they were great, they are good if the solid is bad in your area.