Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 2008 Bloom Day

And what a beautiful day it has been! I woke up to heavy rain this morning. Flash flood warnings all over the state and radio announcements of road closures. It rained hard and heavy until about noon. The clouds rolled away and today has been gorgeous. Nice enough to make me sneak out an get a chocolate malt at about 3 PM (my thighs are not thanking me).

Oh, it is bloom day, too! Wanna see what's blooming in my garden?

Well, the hydrangeas are. In the front yard.
And in the backyard.

The daylilies, brushed with stems of blue fescue and palmetto, are blooming, too. The zinnias, cosmos, and sunflowers in the semi-circle bed reseeded from last year and have just begun to bloom. And verbena carpets the front of the bed with its jolly purple blooms. Salvia May Night has not disappointed. Its deep purple spires are keeping the yellow roses company.
And the perennial bed is just coming to life. Knockout roses are in full bloom, while the gladioli, Russian sage, shasta daisy, and echinacea are just beginning to put on buds.

Clematis "Henryi" and "Franziska Marie" are blooming their hearts out on the iron obelisk. The obelisk and vines are supposed to be covering the ugly pipe. Is it working? Happy May Bloom Day!


Anonymous said...

wow, your yard is in bloom before mine! I have a couple of echinacea blooms opening up, but that's it so far. beautiful!

sm2 said...

My hydrangea blooms may be big, but I sure wish the whole bush was taller. I'll just have to be patient I guess! Everything in your yard looks so great!

Carol said...

I really like those hydrangeas, very pretty!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Shelly said...

Checking out some bloom day posts a little late. Your shots are great, everything looks so pretty..and about the climber...what pipe? he he

Mara said...

That's what I was going to say - "What pipe?" It looks great!

To answer your veggie garden questions, we started about half from seeds and half from baby plants. The broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and cabbage (all mini-plants) went in the ground in early March. I started the beans, peas, cukes, zucchini and squash from seed, and we bought the tomatoes and peppers. Things are really taking off! Lots of teeny-tiny beans, and the zucchini will be exploding within a week. Good thing Katie has volunteered to help with the excess. :)

Can't wait to see more pics! Your flowers are gorgeous.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Lisa - nice bloom day you have here! I couldn't figure out the pipe either, until I clicked and the photo enlarged...what a brilliant idea to use the obelisk in this way! And I like the Setcreasia/Purple heart at the side, picking up the purple tones.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Leah Maria said...

Everything looks so pretty! You have done a fabulous job on everything.

Lisa Blair said...

I wish I could say that the iron obelisk was my idea... but it was Chip's. He saw it at Smith & Hawken. At first, I thought it was too expensive, so I rigged something out of bamboo and twine. That looked terrible. Chip bought and installed the obelisk. I have to admit, it looks great.

Mara, you are way ahead of me on the veggies. I started tomatoes and peppers from seed and they are still little transplants. I bought zucchini and squash plants. They are in the ground but tiny. Carrot post later today...

Annie, I seem to have a lot of purple heart in my garden, but I think it works because I adore the color purple. It is so easy to propagate that I just stick broken bits in the ground and they root right there. Easy, easy.