Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Sunday

What a super Sunday it has been, and I haven't even watched a down of football yet!

The weather has been glorious this weekend. Just what I have been waiting for to get in a few of those early spring garden chores. It was in the mid-60s yesterday. I pulled some weeds and put down leaf mulch in my shady bed.

Then, I pruned the crape myrtle... and didn't "murder" it. This morning the temps were even higher, and I began the redesign of my rose bed.

I originally planted Golden Celebration in the wrong place, too close to the driveway. Every time Chip drove into the garage, he would hit the Golden Celebration canes because they were just in the way. It needed a spot further back in the bed. I also have three roses in Oxford that do not get enough love and care. They are beautiful shrubs (Ambridge Rose, Evelyn, and Tamora... all apricots), and I feel guilty about how neglected they are. I'm making room for them here and moving them in a few weeks. Here is a "before" pic from Saturday...

To prepare the bed, I moved one juniper (don't really like them anyway) and removed another, then transplanted Golden Celebration to a nice corner location in the back of the bed where it will have lots of room to grow and be beautiful. Molineux got a new spot too. Since it is a smaller shrub, I moved it closer to the front of the bed. Here is an "after" pic from Sunday... Can't wait to see how this will look this summer when all the roses are in bloom!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention my breakfast this morning! I had made big plans for Chip and me for Saturday night. We had reservations at Walker's Drive-In, and I bought tickets for the Mozart by Candlelight concert. Well, Chip was late getting home from work, which made us late for dinner, which made us get crappy seats and miss the first song. To make it up to me, Chip made my favorite breakfast on Sunday morning: crepes with ricotta and strawberries. This time he topped them with a vanilla-cardamom cream and sliced almonds. And, I'm not mad about the symphony anymore.

Now, we're off to the Super Bowl party! I'll leave you with some signs of spring from my garden: mint and Carolina Jessamine.

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