Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Scorched in Mississippi

We are scorched here in Central Mississippi. Daily highs have been upwards of 96F everyday for close to 2 weeks, hitting (and sometimes exceeding) the 100F mark on June 23, 24, 26, 27, and 28. And not a drop of rain. It is definitely summer.

Veggie Garden Update

Better Boy tomato: I've got 5 tomatoes, but none are quite ready yet.
Big Mama plum tomato: Not a single tomato yet!
Black Pearl cherry tomato: 3 or 4 fruits, but none are ready yet.

Eight Ball zucchini: We harvested 3 before the squash vine borers ate the entire plant. Ginger, mine look as bad as yours!
Golden Crookneck squash: We harvested 5 before the squash vine borers got the whole plant. It is a shriveled mess. I plan to pull them up this weekend and start over with new seeds. Any suggestions on the second round? I've read that I should cover them with row covers until the flowers form. Does that work?

Honey Bun cantaloupe: So far so good! Two healthy vines. Will the squash vine borers demolish this vine, too? I have some Organocide that I can apply to these. Maybe I should go ahead and give them a preventative spray.

Jolly Green cucumbers: climbing right on up the trellis!
Lemon cucumber: This cucumber plant was a passalong from Ginger. I'm really excited about it! I sampled a few lemon cukes at the farmers' market last summer and they were excellent.

Burpee's Tenderpod bush bean: 2 to 4 leaves on these little guys.

Not too bad! But as always, I'm scheming ways to fit in more raised beds. Ha! I would love to grow watermelons and purple hull peas. We'll see!


Leah Maria said...

That sucks about the vine borers. Everything else sounds great!

sm2 said...

we've had problems with squash bugs for the last two years and they just reaappeared this year. We've tried the organic solutions for getting rid of them to no avail. This year...i'm gonna sprinkle sevin dust around the plants to see if that helps. Hate to use it, but hate to lose my crop too.

Ginger said...

Hey! Glad your lemon cuke is growing well. I don't have any cukes yet, but the lemon cuke plant is really healthy-looking despite the drought (my normal cuke plants look awful).

I have new baby squash and am hoping to be between life cycles of the borers. I think row covers would work fine until you had to take them off so the bees can pollinate. Or you could leave them on and hand-pollinate.

The borers will usually only bother hollow stemmed squash, so your cukes and melons should be fine!

Black pearl cherry tomato sounds YUMMY!! Post some pics of that!