Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sundance Catalog

Chip ordered wine tumblers from Sundance Catalog as a Christmas gift, and this is how we received the box.

They were individually wrapped in one sheet of bubble wrap, then thrown in the box with some inflatable fillers. How many of them were broken? Two out of eight were not just broken but completely shattered.

Sundance definitely has more money than sense.

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Ginger said...

How aggravating!!! I have a ring from Sundance and love it, but have never bought anything breakable from them. Considering what they charge, the packaging you received is totally unacceptable! I hope they are going to overnight you some properly packaged glasses!

Dirt Princess said...

Looks like they have some disgruntled employees there! Wow...that is terrible! Especially from a well known company

Casey said...

yeah, I'm interested if they are going to correct their mistake. that's terrible. even i would know better than to ship wine like that and i've never shipped wine before. I hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas and get to enjoy the other 6 bottles!

TaMara Gold said...

I am very sorry you received a package in this condition. I can help. If this has not been resolved for you, please contact me.

TaMara Gold
Customer Service Manager
Sundance Catalog

801.887.9623 direct line

Lisa Blair said...

TaMara - thanks for the response. My husband will be returning the package this week.

Anonymous said...

I have had a very poor experience also with Sundance's customer service. For the prices they charge, it shouldn't be that way.