Saturday, February 06, 2010

Geaux Saints!

The South is exploding with pride because our Saints are in the Super Bowl! Growing up, Sundays were football days, and we always watched the Saints play. I would sit in my daddy's lap in his chair, and he would teach me all about what was going on on the field. My little brother LOVED the Saints and had a 1991 NFC West Champions t-shirt that he wore out. My high school had a "Who Dat?" cheer (insert "Arrows" for "Saints"), and it was always our favorite way to end a pep rally.

We are having a Super Bowl Party at our house, and here is the menu so far:

Guacamole (football isn't the same without it!)
Buffalo Chicken Dip (Susan says it is the Devil! Can't wait to try it!)
Shrimp, Chicken, and Andouille Jambalaya (John Besh recipe from his new book, My New Orleans. I might throw in some crawfish tails, too.)
King Cake (I'm making one from scratch, also from My New Orleans)
Peyton and the Colts may tear the Saints apart, but I'm hoping that they hang in there and play a good game. Geaux Saints!


Katie said...

Ooooh, if that Buffalo Chicken Dip is anything like what my family usually makes, then Susan is definitely right.

For once I wish I lived in Jackson...your game day menu sounds way better than what I'll probably be having.

Lisa Blair said...

Katie, if the feeling overwhelms you, come on down! there is plenty of time to get here before kickoff.

admin said...
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challie west said...

I thought about buying the John Besh cookbook. Sounds like you recommend it. Hope you had fun!!!!
Go Saints.

Casey said...

Yeah! I was going to ask about the cook book too. Do you like it? How'd the recipes turn out?