Monday, August 02, 2010

Veggie Garden Update

The vine borer moth and its wiggly offspring must be done wreaking havoc on my cucurbits this season. Since my last post, I have not seen any new eggs on my winter squash or my cucumbers. I am so relieved. I may plant a few new yellow squash and zucchini seeds this evening to see if I have better luck now.

What is producing now? I have Roma tomatoes but some of them have developed just a touch of blossom-end rot. I plan to go get some Rot Stop tonight to keep it from spreading. One of the tomato plants my grandmother gave me is still steadily putting on fruit. The birds are pecking at the green tomatoes, so quite a few of them have been damaged. I have a few yellow and mini-orange bell peppers, too, and those look good so far. I have one red bell pepper, but it has developed a sunspot this week.

It has been ridiculously hot. Temperatures are in the 100s with heat index readings between 105F and 113F. I am going out of town again this week, so I really must remind Chip to water! It is so important for my vegetables to have a steady water source in this heat.

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Priscilla said...

My Zucchini still have yellow flowers and no Zucchini! I have 13 Tomato plants I started from seed and fruits are still green, all the neighbors too! Our mountain weather haven't been that warm and everything is slower up here at high altitude. Wow your weather is crazy hot! Hope your Tomatoes will get better, most bloggers I know seems to be having problems with them. Have a great weekend!