Friday, January 14, 2011

High On LeConte

One of the blogs I link to in my blog roll is High on LeConte, a blog kept by the caretakers at the LeConte Lodge high in the Smoky Mountains. This winter has dumped many, many inches of snow on Mount LeConte. According to the National Weather Service, there is 32" of snow on the ground at LeConte now. Wow!

I am fairly obsessed with the Smokies, and I check the blog daily. Feast your eyes on these amazing photos that the caretaker, Alexander Hughes, has taken this winter. These are some of my favorites.

Deep snow drifts on the trail to Cliff Tops

Now this is what I call a winter wonderland! Can you believe that people hike up and camp at the backcountry shelters in these conditions? Woah!


Leah Maria said...

Snow pictures are some of my favorite pictures! Everything always looks so clean and peaceful. These are gorgeous!

Shirley said...

It looks so beautiful! I can see why you are a regular visitor to their blog. I, personally, wouldn't do the hike and camp there but I know my husband and sons would love it!

Casey said...

Looks like Narnia! Love the last photo with the pink sky.

Phillip said...

wow, these are beautiful photos!

zenfully said...

LeConte has been an awesome place this season, I may have to see if i can make it up there before it gets too warm! And hopefully with a pack all swallowed in their coats. :P