Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Moves

My baby is in a crib! My favorite nurse convinced the doctor that 1700 gram Lydia was ready to graduate from the incubator to a crib. We'll be monitoring her closely today to make sure she is maintaining a good temperature.

Being in a crib means real clothes (!) and her own baby blankets! I got to dress her in a sweet little pink dress today. Thanks, Ginger!

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sm2 said...

So exciting! What a big girl! Definitely cause for celebration!

Leah Maria said...

Yay!! That's wonderful news!

Ginger said...

OMG this is so exciting!!!! She has got to be breaking records with her progress. Thank you for keeping us so well-updated. (I know you are crazy busy!!)

Glad the dress worked :)

Sage and Jack said...

Such great news! What a strong and beautiful girl (and mom). Hang in there, before you know it those scrubbing in days will be long gone.

The Clem Family said...

Lisa, that is awesome news! Good job Lydia! Sounds like she is so close to coming home. I am so excited for the three of you!