Friday, March 15, 2013

Play Time with Mommy

I got a bonus day home with my baby this week. Our babysitter's grandmother passed away, so she  was home with her family on Thursday. I got to work from home. It was great to have a day home with my girl, but working from home is so tough. I never feel like I'm doing either job well - mothering or analyzing.

I did catch some sweet shots of my girl while we played in her room. Chip's mom got her this super cute gorilla that she LOVES. She especially loves it when mom makes monkey noises, too.

We practiced sitting up, but Lydia usually gets pretty frustrated when I make her do this. Her sad face in that last photo is the calm before the screaming storm. She's doing pretty good sitting up in the "tripod" position, though. She wobbles a bunch, but she can lean forward on her arms and balance.

She'll be seven months old tomorrow. I can't believe it!


Ginger said...

so precious.

what is this gorgeous crib skirt I see??

Lisa Blair said...

Ginger, I bought the crib set from a friend of mine who used it on her little girl's crib. I love it so much. It is called "China Doll" by Hoohobbers. I also loved not having to shop for one. I fell in love with it as soon as she showed it to me. I found the matching rug on Overstock! I've been meaning to do a post about Lydia's room. Maybe one day!