Sunday, February 04, 2007

Late Winter Gardening Tasks: Done

Saturday was the perfect day for some late winter gardening tasks. I was in the yard by 1 PM and stayed outside until about 4 PM. The weather was mild, about 52 F, and very sunny.

  1. Sweet Olive. Got it pruned. Need to fertilize with a complete fertilizer, such as 15-15-15. A good general rule is to apply one-half pound of fertilizer every three feet of height of the plant. I'm thinking of adding another Sweet Olive tree behind the one I already have.

  2. Ruella. Cut it back to the ground. Need to add new mulch to that side of the yard. I'd also like to add some ferns in front of the ruella.

  3. I planted my roses!!

In other news, today is the Super Bowl! We've been waiting years for the Colts to get to the championship game. Peyton finally broke the Patriots playoff curse, and I really hope they take it all the way! We're watching the game with my husband's boss, who is from Chicago, so it should be an interesting day. I'm making a pastry-wrapped baked brie with orange blossom honey. Yesterday I bought a genuine King Cake from The Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge, so I'm taking that too. I hope it is good!


sm2 said...

Yay! You got your roses! I'm so behind on my garden/yard prep! Hopefully I will get inspired by your continued blogs and get my butt in gear!

Rachel said...

You inspired me to trim back my Crepe Myrtle this past weekend. I am now into leaf blowing mode. I didn't even make a dent in it late evening yesterday - that's what I get for living in the woods during the fall.

I wish I had some of that pastry wrapped brie with orange blossom honey. Wow that sounds super. Post the recipe.