Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Tulips are Coming!

Today I found little tulip tips coming up out of the ground. So pretty! I got a free bag of tulips from Wayside Gardens last year with my order (two Jack Frost brunneras, Echinacea 'Twilight' and 'Ruby Giant', and some lily-of-the-valley). The brunneras put out a few leaves that look to have gotten a bite from frost. I think they are going to do well where I put them. The lily-of-the-valley need a bit more mulch on them. I'll might do that today.

I raked the front yard, and look what I found?

Today I'm going to make some Valentine's Day cookies for my family. Some heart-shaped shortbread cookies, some Mexican wedding balls, and thumbprint cookies that have raspberry jam in them: recipes all from the Macrina cookbook I love so much. I hope these all turn out good. I'll add some photos of the finished product later.


Carol said...

Tulips and are those pansies in the background. I hope we get some spring soon!

Lisa Blair said...

Yes, a few little pansies. Today at the bank I saw big blooms on a japanese magnolia. If I can remember, I'll take a snapshot on my next trip to the ATM ;)