Sunday, October 28, 2007

Knock Out Roses

One of my Bad and Ugly beds just got a lot better looking! Last weekend I found some gorgeous Knock Out roses at Lowe's for $15.95 each. I bought six of them to replace the dying, washed out azaleas. Wow, what a difference a few shrubs make!

Happy Halloween everyone!!


sm2 said...

Wow! Those look great! Are they ever green?

Judy H said...

The knockout roses are a great plant. I live in Tupelo and have planted several over the past two years and they are doing well and are still full of blooms. I have never had any luck with roses before but these are totally different and so easy. They pretty much maintain themselves.

Lisa Blair said...

Hey Susan! They aren't evergreen. I really did want something evergreen back there, but I also really wanted these plants. I figured the indian hawthorne (which is evergreen) is right in front of the knock outs. It is still growing and will eventually grow together to create a nice evergreen backdrop.

Judy H, thanks for stopping by! I love these little plants already. I can't wait until I see them growing this spring. I am hoping they get pretty tall.

Wicked Gardener said...

Knockouts are only roses I can keep down here in Florida. Good luck with them. The indian hawthorne is a good idea!

blueblue said...

I'm so enjoying the posts about your garden transformations...especially since I have spots in my garden that could do with a bit of love.
Getting there, but its a slow process.