Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Bad and Ugly, Part 3

I love most parts of my front porch bed. It has taken a lot of time and money to get it to this point and I mostly like it. I've had some trouble with my azaleas recently, and I need some help!

Azalea Girard Renee Michelle. I loved these azaleas at first. On the left is a photo of them from April. They bloomed at the same time the Indian Hawthorne bloomed and it looked gorgeous. Then summer came and the three azaleas on the right side of my porch died. The three on the left side of the porch are just not attractive. Here are some recent photos of them:
These are alive and looking washed out.

These have given up and are dead, dead, dead.

I think they just get too much sun. The variety is Girard Renee Michelle. When I bought them, the plant information on the pot said Full Sun, but I just don't think that's true. The thing is, I bought these for their bloom color and because they are evergreen. Had they worked out they would have been perfect. I want something hot pink that will add some depth to my front porch bed. I'd also love it if I could find something evergreen so my front yard won't look so bland in the winter. I've been researching to find something to replace these with. So far I've come up with Knock Out Roses. From what I understand the Knock Out Roses are not evergreen down here in the deep south, but they probably would look great 8 months out of the year (March - October).

This is where I need your help! Does any one out there grow Knock Out Roses in the deep south? How long do they stay green? Also, if you have suggestions for the back of my bed (other than knockouts or azaleas), please please let me know!


Phillip said...

The Knock Out roses are outstanding - very easy to grow - no disease problems that I'm aware of (I don't spray mine) - and they bloom pretty much non-stop until frost. Their growth habit is also neat and compact and don't get above 3 feet tall. I have the bright pink (fushia?) color but I see that they now have a pale pink color.

Lisa Blair said...


Thanks for dropping by! I really think knock out roses are exactly what I am looking for.

Your garden is very impressive. I really enjoyed your September blooms post. What gorgeous colors!