Sunday, April 06, 2008

Look at these Radishes! And the Peas!

Wow! These radishes are really looking excellent. My mouth is watering already! I think it is almost time to harvest them, but I really have no idea. I guess I need to "test" one. Pull it up and see how big it is.
The peas are coming up nicely, too. I don't really like the support structure I built for them. They haven't grown up the bamboo quite as easily as I would have liked. I planted three pea plants around each bamboo pole for a total of 18 plants. Instead of effortlessly twirling up the bamboo pole, the plants are just dying to hold hands with their neighbor. If it wasn't for my untangling efforts, I would have a tangled up pea mess. I guess it isn't a huge deal, but a bit more work than I was expecting. I know everyone has their own method of staking peas. What works for you?


Mara said...

We made a trellis out of two pieces of wood and strung twine around them - almost making a "ladder" for the peas. We just planted them a few days ago, but they're taking to it pretty well so far. Only 4 plants, though!! I'll probably have a photo on my blog sometime soon.

Sora said...

Good post.