Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Oxford Weekend

Please, take me home! I've been in Oxford three weekends in a row. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Clinton. I'm super excited about spending this week and weekend relaxing at home with Chip.

As many of you know, the University of Mississippi is hosting the first Presidential Debate on Friday, September 26, 2008. There is a great vibe in Oxford town lately as everyone is getting hyped up for the debate weekend. Chip and I are planning to come up that weekend for the festivities. No, we don't have tickets to the debate (as if, and I wish!), but our fourth wedding annivesary is on the 25th, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by cheering on Senator Obama. Oh, and Neko Case is playing a show on the 25th, too. The town is going to be packed with journalists and out-of-towners, so both the university and the city of Oxford are undergoing major facelifts in order to be in tip-top shape.

The city is moving the electrical wires that line University Avenure underground. Sewer lines are also getting a major overhaul. I'm sure this will look great when they get done, but right now University Avenue and the streets around the Square are torn to hell.

The Courthouse is also under renovation. I took a few photos while I was on the Square today.

The clock is still missing its hands. So far, the renovation seems to be going excellently. Today as a summer thunderstorm rolled in, the courthouse seemed to gleam under the big thunderhead clouds.

Even Square Books is getting a fresh coat of paint.

With the wind picking up and lightning not far off, the painters stayed on their ladders a lot longer than I would have.

Off Square Books didn't have what I was looking for, but I always enjoy browsing their stacks.

And right before I made it to my car, the rain began. I watched it for a little while and then headed home.


Wifetastic said...

Yay for rain! My poor yard was crunchy. Thanks for posting all the pictures. They are great. I keep telling my Mamaw to drive past your house to see your yard, by the way. The non-casino grandma.

Lisa Blair said...

If your grandma drives by, tell her to ignore the tall, tall grass in our lawn. Haven't had time to mow, and I'm sure our neighbors are pissed.

Judy H said...

Did you by chance go to Taylor,MS to tour the Southern Living Idea Home? We did that a couple of weeks ago, worth the time if you're in that area. Then to Taylor Grocery for dinner, quite an experience!

Lisa Blair said...

I haven't been out to the Idea House yet. I did go to the farmers market out in Taylor a few weekends ago. The Idea House looked really busy, and we just weren't up for it. I really want to take a tour though. Plein Air is pretty neat!