Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Suffering Lantana

What happened? My lantana used to be so pretty. Endless tiny yellow blooms loved by butterflies and hummingbirds.
July 26, 2006

Look at it now.

July 29, 2008

Waaaah! Boo!

It came back this year like it has the past two years, but this year I've got plently of lush green leaves and no blooms. What should I do? Should I cut it back? Should I start over every year with new plants? (Please, say it ain't so!) I am feeling like such a failure because I see gorgeous blooming lantana all over the place, and mine is so sad. Help!

The perennial bed is looking great this year. Such a transformation. A photo from each year, starting in 2006:

October 22, 2006

May 10, 2007

July 29, 2008

I've worked extremely hard on getting this perennial garden to look the way I want it to. So far so good! I can think of a few more things that I'd like to do:

  • The Carolina Jessamine is eating that tiny iron obelisk alive. I want something like this to replace it. I'm pretty sure my grandfather can make me one.

  • I've got some bare spots on the right side where the mimosa tree shades the perennial garden most of the day. I want to plant foxgloves. Anyone have experience growing foxgloves and advice to give me?
  • I planted four pink creeping phlox plants in the front and three of them died. Yep, I didn't plant them quickly enough after purchasing, and they just dried up. I'm going to replace them because I think they'll look fabulous in early spring.
In 2009 this perennial bed should be totally rockin and gorgeous!


Shades of Gray said...

Hi Lisa, I have searching garden blogs to find some that are in my growing zone and came across yours. I live in northern Alabama and am zone 6/7. Interesting post about lantana. I have some and have had the same thing happen too. It came back for several years and looked great with heavy blooms. This year is it huge, but does not have nearly as many blossoms. I don't know what to do with it either. I may try to cut it back, but not sure yet.

Mara said...

Hi, Lisa!
Your perennials look beautiful! Great job! As far as the Lantana, I came across this post from Clemson's Garden Information website:

"Poor blooming is usually caused by too much shade or excessive fertilization. Plants that set berries may decline in bloom. Trim plants back to encourage new growth and flowering."


That's all I can tell you, since I have no advice of my own. I had the opposite problem ... my annuals were all yellow because *someone* hadn't been fertilizing them. D'oh! Now they're back - bushy, green and flowering like crazy. At least we have a lot of summer left to enjoy them.

It's always great to catch up on your blog. Better luck next time with the canning. It's a tricky process. On the last batch of pickles I made, the bottom of one jar completely broke open in the canner! These things happen, so don't get discouraged.

All the best!