Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Brand New Fence

Weeks ago I promised photos of the fabulous fence Chip built around our pool pump. Just to recap, this is what the bed looked like back in September 2007.
Yeah, BAD. Overgrown with weeds -- I think there were a couple of gumtrees growing in there. Hard to maintain. Ugly.

We started on this project last fall. To give more background, this bed gets maybe 2 hours of midday sun. The previous owners had planted beautiful purple irises, pretty autumn ferns, purple heart, Stella d'Oro daylilies, monkey grass, and a few azaleas. I'd already moved the azaleas to another bed where they were doing great. The irises and daylilies just did not belong in this bed - not enough sun! I had other plans for the ferns. First I moved the ferns to the porch swing bed. Then I divided and moved the daylilies. Then I divided and moved the irises. The only plants that I left were the monkey grass and the purple heart. After the bed was cleared out, I began executing my new plan: Endless Summer Hydrangeas.

And Chip started the fence:

When the fence was done we added a few vines - star jasmine and clematis - and mulched the finished bed. Look at her now!

Such an improvement! This really took us months to complete. I started moving plants in November 2007. The fence was started in April 2008. And the whole project was completed in August. I say three cheers for Chip on this awesome fence! When he started this I had no idea he could build the whole thing from scratch - he even built the gate! Whoo-hoo!


sm2 said...

That looks amazing! Way to go Chip! Your plants look awesome too! How much would you charge to help me get a plan in place for some of my beds? I need help.

Leah Maria said...

Everything looks GREAT! Y'all have done a wonderful job on the yard.

Rachel said...

Whoa buddy! That is awesome! I have the same question as Susan! How much do you charge! If you come visit your brother you should come to my house and give some ideas. I do have a question about the edging on your pathway. Is that metal? I am in the market for something durable that holds back the grass from growing into my beds, yet is easy to mow around. What is your advice on this?

Rachel said...
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Lisa Blair said...

Y'all are too nice! Maybe I'll start posting photos of my nerdy garden plans.

Susan - your dinners when I come to Oxford are payment enough. If anything, I owe you!

Rachel - Yes, that is metal edging. It came with the house; we did not install it, so I don't know how difficult it would be to install. Chip did try to mow over it once with the lawn mower and chopped the edging up pretty bad. I wouldn't suggest mowing over it with the lawn mower, but I bet with a weed eater it is easy to work with... I wouldn't know because he does that, too.