Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six Interesting Things

Cool, Allie tagged me! I'm supposed to share six interesting things about myself and tag six other folks to do the same. Here goes nothin':

1. I am a strict recycler. I've been known to go back through the trash and pick out stuff that should have been put in the recycling bin. Somehow, this makes me a happier person.

2. I am a neat freak in the kitchen, but not really anywhere else. Just see what happens when you put a wine glass where the water glasses go. Or even worse, put the potatoes in the same cabinet as the onions. Or even WORSE, put the vegetable peeler in the baking drawer with the spoon and cup measures. Actually, I'm getting a little frustrated just THINKING about the vegetable peeler being in the baking drawer.

3. It is difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. Especially if it is cold outside of the covers. I might lie there for 30 minutes or more to delay the shock of getting out of bed into the cold. Sometimes I imagine myself as an early riser. Getting up before the sun to do yoga, or pray, or to go for a walk. But that's just not me.

4. I don't really enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes. There are exceptions to this rule for certain clothing stores (Anthropologie, for example). As for shoes, it is always a fight. Stores don't generally carry my size. I'm constantly disappointed when I try on the smallest size of a shoe I really like, and it's too big.

5. I love to read. Right now I'm reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith. It is set in a fictitious college town outside of Boston with a few scenes in London.

6. I think I've run out of interesting things to say about myself. If you guys think of anything else, put it in the comments.

Who will I tag? How about...

Jenny - The Clems
Susan - SM Squared
Corinne - She Do Nothing All Day
Katie - Tall Katie Tells it All
Mara - Focus on Your Craft!
and Ginger - Do you have a blog?


Ginger said...

Who, me?! I have been meaning to start a blog, but it will be terribly repetitive of yours - all about plants and compost and food and maybe a little Obama. Ha. By the way, I am a recycling nazi too - even at work and on vacation. It's amazing how little trash we have thanks to receycling and compost!

Katie said...

My number six for you would're a fabulous hostess! You always have a yummy breakfast menu planned, and the guest bathroom at both of your places are hands down the best I've ever encountered...and I've crashed with a lot of friends! I especially love how you always have little extra necessities on hand...razors, shampoo, soap, even those other girly products that are oh so helpful in a pinch...

I've read On Beauty, it's great!

Lisa Blair said...

Ginger, yes - you! Oh, you don't need to start a blog if you don't have one. I just thought I'd include you if you did. Funny that you used the phrase recycling nazi. I believe my husband called me that a couple weeks ago! Heh.

Katie - I love playing hostess! So much fun.

Corinne said...

All of a sudden I miss you...When are you coming this way? We should meet at the grocery very very soon.

Signe said...

Just wanted to say hello. You have a loveley blog with beautiful photos from your garden.

About your list, it loks preaty much like a list I could wrote about myself.