Friday, October 16, 2009

My Tree

My October Glory maple tree is a beautiful bright orange, with some pretty red leaves mixed in. This little tree was planted in 2004, when me and Chip got married and bought this house. It has lived through a lot, including the winds of Katrina when it was just two years old.

It is one of the first trees to turn colors in the fall. I love it for that.

It was 46F when I woke up this morning in Oxford. I took a walk in the cool air, and it felt fabulous. I love fall!

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Ginger said...

Ooh it's so pretty!!! I'm planning on planting a maple when we take down a very sickly (already split twice) Bradford Pear in the front. Will have to remember this variety! I assume it gets bigger? :)

Ginger said...

Lisa -also I was going to email you to make sure you knew about the native plant sale at the Clinton Nature Center tomorrow - but sounds like you'll be in Oxford. Oh well, have a great weekend!

Casey said...

I love your tree! I'm also just noticing the siding on your house. Is it hardy board? Our new home will be very much the same style! Can't wait for you to come visit. Girls trip 2010??

Lisa Blair said...

Chip says it is fiber cement siding. Is that the same thing as hardy board? I can't wait to see the house! Leah and I were just talking about how we should visit this spring. We miss you!

Lisa Blair said...

Ginger, the maple tree will definitely get bigger. A red maple would be a great replacement for the Bradford pear.

I hate that I missed the plant sale. I racked up at the Mynelle Gardens plant sale a few years ago.