Wednesday, March 24, 2010


With all this warm weather, the weeds are taking over my shady side garden! Agh! Somebody get in there and weed it! Somebody? Hello? Anybody?

Ok, I guess I'll do it myself.

What is this ugly weed anyway? Because my right shoulder is sore from yanking it out of the ground.

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Leah Maria said...

We have those those horrible purple weeds all in our yard...thankfully the yard guy starts next week spraying! I would have weeded your bed for you, for some reason I find those type of weeds easy to pull up.

Lisa Blair said...

I did finally get them all up, but it took almost an hour to clean the bed out!

We had our yard sprayed for about fours years or so, but I started feeling guilty about covering it in poison, so we stopped. We are going to have to find a way to control the weeds though.

Leah Maria said...

I agree. The guy said the type of grass we have he can't put too many chemicals on due to it's too "delicate". I hope it helps some though, I feel like I have more weeds than grass growing.