Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring Veggie Garden in Progress

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the spring garden.

garden letters from VivaTerra

On Sunday I seeded sugar snap peas, arugula, baby bok choy, and mesculn mix lettuce greens. Earlier this year I ordered early spring veggie starts from The Tasteful Garden. The Tasteful Garden is located in Alabama, just a little over 300 miles from my house. They aren't certified organic, but they grow their plants using organic techniques. I am happy with that. The store I ordered from last year - Mountain Valley Growers - is certified organic; but it is also almost 2,000 miles from my house.

My veggie starts arrived on Wednesday, and I am thrilled about how beautiful they are. The broccoli, fennel, and leek transplants were surrounded in cardboard, then the pots were wrapped in plastic.

I actually had forgotten that I'd ordered leeks this year. I guess it is time for me to fire up all those delicious Barefoot Contessa recipes with leeks.

Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. All I do is microwave it in a glass, covered dish for 3-4 minutes with a few tablespoons of water. Then, I'll top it with lemon juice and salt.

My favorite fennel recipe is from Giada. You can find it here.

I watered the pots after work today, and I'll put them in the raised beds on Saturday. Spring really is coming, y'all!


Ginger said...

Those transplants look fantastic! And I love your "garden" letters.

Re: Great Artists Collective - it's a small gallery on Royal Street. It's manned by the artists who show there. We got two really crazy paintings of cats by Nevada Barr Paxton (the writer). It was a good mix of weird stuff like what we got (almost all of our art is weird) and more traditional pieces. Amazing glass-work. You should check it out!

sm2 said...

Awesome plants! I need to get a move on if i want to plant anything this spring!

Casey said...

Hey! How do you find the online gardening? If I wanted to find one in Georgia, where do you think I should look? Also, do you think they have a better selection than buying at the local garden store?

Katie said...

Tayla and I are thinking we want to plant a few things at her place this summer...tomatoes are a definite, but could you recommend a few other things that would be easy for first timers?

Lisa Blair said...

Katie, I say the best thing to grow is something you love to eat! You'll be more likely to take good care of it if you are looking forward to having it for lunch! If you have a sunny spot where you can put a make-shift trellis, I would suggest cucumbers. I make my trellis out of bamboo, twine, and netting - nothing fancy.