Friday, December 03, 2010

On A Cold December Night

Tonight we will have split-pea soup and bread and an apple crisp for dessert. Then, we will decorate the tree!

All of that sounds nice and all, but I really wish I was in Portland to get a signed copy of Alicia Paulson's Embriodery Companion. I have been embriodering like crazy lately. Photos to come soon!

Tonight I will make an O Fizz (Oprah's favorite holiday drink) to enjoy while I deck the halls. Lately I keep discovering that I like the same things Oprah likes. Or maybe Oprah likes the same things I like? Its weird. I can't remember ever watching an entire Oprah episode.

Tis the Season! Here's a little Graceland and Elvis... Our "Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas" record would skip at 1:17...

"Lights a glow...ow...ow...ow... "

Love those Christmastime memories!


Carrie said...

Hope it's okay to leave a comment here with a response to your question- yes, the map does require an internet connection to download the info for the US Leapfrog Tag Map.

Lisa Blair said...

Thank you so much for letting me know!

challie west said...

Hey! I had no idea you were an Elvis Fan.... We are in Elvis mode at the office today since Birthday Concert Tickets went on sale today to see UETA Bill Cherry.

Lisa Blair said...

Oh yes, I grew up an Elvis fan, Allie. We watched the movies all the time and had lots of records.

My older brother Lukas actually played a 10-year-old Elvis in the 1990 ABC mini series. Crazy huh?