Monday, December 27, 2010

Wok Wonderful Wok

A few years ago I ruined my wok. I am a stir-frying maniac, so I was sad to see it go. What did it in? My love for tofu with a nice, crispy sear on the outside. My previous wok was not non-stick, and the delicious, crispy outside layer of tofu would stick to the pan every time. I never bought one after I threw the last one out, and I've been eating soggy tofu since.

For Christmas my mother-in-law got me a Breville electric (plug-in) non-stick wok. I used it tonight for a healthy tofu, asparagus, and mushroom stir-fry, and I think I am in love with this tofu! Look how browned and crispy it is!

The recipe is from the New York Times' "Recipes For Health" series.

What I am no so happy about is the non-stick "quantanium" coating. Non-stick surfaces are made with PFOA, a chemical that has been labeled a "likely carcinogen" by the EPA and has polluted water sources near where it is manufactured. Purchasing non-stick products has always been a big "no-no" for me because of the amount of PFOA that is used (and eventually discarded) during production.

I really like the results this appliance has shown so far. The heat settings seemed really accurate, and it was quick to heat-up. I'm just feeling a bit guilty at the moment about this pan. Dinner, though? A+!

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Ginger said...

There are certain things that are worth the risk to me in light of how generally healthy/chemical-free we live --- like a good non-stick pan for eggs, for example.

Don't feel bad about your wok. Enjoy it and plant a tree :-)

I don't even like tofu and that looks delicious!

imhkki said...

seem delicious :)