Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capturing Spring

Can you believe I almost have roses? This bud is on my David Austin "Golden Celebration" rose. My Austins are covered in buds. I think by the end of the week next week I'll have many beautiful blooms to show off.
"Homestead Purple" verbena is blooming its little heart out under the irises.

And do you spot those iris buds? I should have iris blooms by next weekend!
But that's next week. Spiraea "Van Houtte" is enjoying the spotlight this week. It is covered in pretty blooms.
The bees love it.

Pansies are a staple in my spring garden.
I just love these with their purple, white, butter yellow, and lemon yellow blooms.
And then a pot of orange pansies to complement the new house color. The knockouts will be blooming soon as well. I like to sit here with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine. Livin' the good life.
Thank you all for your comments about the house color. I am so glad that so many of you like it. I think it might grow on me. Maybe I am just shocked because it is so different compared to the old color. But, you know, I like it darn it. I can't wait to see what it looks like with lantana and knockouts in bloom.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your garden is so pretty and bright. I can't believe how far ahead you are there. I saw an iris bud on another blog today, it will be a couple of months before I see any here.
I love the color of your house. I like the houses that have some color and stand out. Our house is blue, but on our street it's not uncommon to have a house that's green or yellow or blue as well as the usual shades of beige.

challie west said...

Your yard looks amazing. I am green with envy. My yard will be getting some TLC this weekend. We had so much fun hanging out @ Martin's. We need to get together again soon.

Randy Emmitt said...

Never seen that spirea before, at first look I thought rosa multiflora. We pruned back our spirea this spring they look happier than they have in the past 5-6 years!

Casey said...

That new house color is going to look better and better as those blooms come out. I liked it right when you painted it and even more now with a few flowers that have come back to life. Nice job! Maybe I can see it in person sometime, now that we're back in the ham!