Friday, April 01, 2011

H.F. Young Clematis Blooms

It's that time of year again. That time of year when I really need to post new garden photos every single day, otherwise you guys are going to miss something! Early this week as I was getting ready for work, I looked outside our bedroom window to see this beauty in bloom. I've gotten some lovely photos over the past few days. H.F. Young, also known as Horace Young, clematis grows on the fence around our pool pump along with an agressive jasmine vine. I have clematis blooms both on the outside and the inside of the fence.

When the blooms first open they are a deep, rich purple color. As they age just two or three days they lighten to a pretty violet. As they age even more, the center of the petals becomes almost white and the outside is almost blue. I think these color variations are just fantastic!

I think the best way to admire a clematis blooms is from up close, so I took at few close ups for you.
A baby bloom. Just opened today.

I have roses and irises blooming, too. I have taken a few photos, and will do a post on those soon. Maybe tonight!


Randy Emmitt said...

Beautiful clematis blooms. I think we have the same light blue one. Ours looked very dead a month ago, now it is green and cheery. It looks as if you have this plant planted in a very good spot!

Randy Emmitt said...


Cool you were in our area. We walk at three places in Hillsborough. The old Oconneechee Race Track (from Nasa car days), Airmount (poets walk) and the Oconneechee State Preserve. Not been to Duke Garden for over a month, you must have gotten a real treat there!

Lisa Blair said...

We did the poets walk. I loved the huge roses that grow up the side of the house. The hellebores were so pretty, too.
It was a treat, although it was quite chilly last weekend!

Casey said...

As I was scrolling down your blog to catch up on what I'd missed, I knew this post was going to get to me, the colors are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'm wondering how long they bloom. So lovely.