Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a Celebration

Tonight we are celebrating the birth of our daughter. Chip is making dinner. The starter is a watermelon salad with roasted figs, feta, manchego, and balsamic dressing. Then for dinner, filets and rosemary roasted potatoes.

We opened a 2005 Bond Matriarch from our Napa collection from our visit a few years ago. Wine, I sure have missed you!

I'll update the blog tomorrow with all the details about the birth of my beautiful daughter, Lydia Grace.

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Ginger said...

Y'all are so sophisticated :)

Congrats again! Cannot wait to hear the details. I can already tell you are so in love!!

Casey said...

That salad looks ala French Laundry (and I've never been, just what I would imagine!)...

Glad ya'll had a chance to finally celebrate! I know you will be celebrating again soon with a dinner for three. Lydia has no idea how good she is going to be eating before long. She hit the jackpot! Looking forward to your Lydia posts... Xx

Sage and Jack said...

What a blessed event to celebrate! And what a wonderful looking dinner. Can't wait to meet sweet Lydia.