Monday, November 05, 2012

Munari-Inspired Mobile

This Munari-inspired mobile is a big hit with Lydia! I used this template after researching many different types of black-and-white mobiles.
Most of the time this mobile is hanging from the ceiling above Lydia's changing table just over her head and out of her reach. It has definitely helped calm her down during diaper changes to give her something of interest to concentrate on and interact with while mommy or daddy changes her diaper. I've noticed that she's a lot happier during diaper changes now that this mobile is in place.

The mobile is hung on a carabiner so that we can move it around the house with her. I've hung it from the lantern light above our breakfast table and from the ceiling fan in our bedroom while she's in her Nap Nanny.
Photos taken on October 10. Lydia looks so small!

We also put together a make-shift mobile hanger using one of Chip's drum mic stands so that we can hang mobiles above Lydia's awake mat. She really loves this. Notice how she is concentrating on the images, working on her ability to focus and to track object with her eyes.

Photos taken on November 2. Lydia's got chubby cheeks!

Lydia following one of the images to her left.

I didn't follow the directions from the website exactly. Here's how I made the mobile. I chose six different patterns and printed out copies of each one. I cut them out and glued them onto the back a front of card stock (mirror-image style) that I had cut to fit each image. I just used old cereal boxes and Elmer's glue. After the glue dried, I hot glued one image perpendicular to the other. A couple of hole punches and some string later, and tada! We have a mobile. I would say the whole thing took about three hours to complete.

Since I've made this I've already tackled and made another mobile in the Montessori series - The Dancer. It looks a little more "homemade" but Lydia likes it, too. Another post on that later if I ever find the time. I return to work on Wednesday, so I have no idea when I'll be able to post next. Hopefully before her 3-month birthday on November 16.


The Clem Family said...

Lydia is lucky to have such a crafty and caring momma! I can't believe she is almost 3 months old! Good luck with going back to work. Remember it is ok to cry. I did quite a bit my first day back after Brody.

sm2 said...

Can't believe you are back to work Wednesday! Let me know if you need anything.

Lisa Blair said...

I am going back 3 days per week at first and working from home the first few weeks. Gonna ease back into it.

challie west said...

I love the mobile you made! Maybe it will provide some inspiration for me....