Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Revival

Our Sunday afternoon ritual has been revived: wine, cheese, and porch sitting.

But before the revival we took Lydia on her first stroller ride. At Monday's weigh in, once I found out that Lydia had hit 5 pounds, I asked nurse Lauren if we could take Lydia on stroller trips around the neighborhood. The nurse didn't seem too optimistic but said she would ask Dr. Singletary. I was beside myself when Lauren called back to say the stroller trips were approved as long as it was in the 70s and sunny out.

After Lydia's 3pm bottle she was awake and happy. We loaded her up and took off down the road. I guess the motion was soothing to her because she was asleep before we even left the driveway. We walked for about thirty minutes. She slept the whole time.

I plan to take her out every day this week because the weather is supposed to be beautiful. I need the exercise, too. The thirty minute walk wore me out, so I really need to work on my stamina.

When we got back from our stroll Chip got out a bottle of Clicquot, and I made a cheese plate. We took Lydia out on the deck with us, and we sat, relaxed, chatted, and watched the wildlife in the backyard. Good times. I'm so glad our Sunday afternoon sessions are back. This time: as a family!

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Leah Maria said...

Yay for getting out and getting some fresh air! I cannot wait to see y'all tomorrow!!!