Sunday, January 06, 2013

A New Chapter

It as been a quiet weekend at the Burr home. A few years ago I'd have never been happy with such a quiet existence. I was always go go go... Saturdays were for yoga class, grocery shopping, afternoons working in the garden, and evenings out to dinner or drinks. But yesterday my butt was planted the couch holding, feeding, and enjoying my sweet child. I did fit in a sad run (sad because I'm so weak and have no stamina) on our new treadmill and made homemade Mexican chicken soup for supper.
Lydia is full of smiles these days. She loves it when you make faces at her, especially anything that involves sticking your tongue out. Every once in a while she'll laugh out loud. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen, so of course I spent the day trying to make her laugh. As of yesterday she is 3 months adjusted, almost 5 months actual.

At her 4 month appointment on December 27th Lydia was 9 pounds. Dr. Singletary cleared us to take Lydia out in public on occasion. We decided that a Sunday morning breakfast at Bottletree Bakery was just the ticket. We arrived this morning around 10:45am. Perfect because the crowd thinned as folks wrapped up breakfast to walk over to church. Yes, in our small town folks walk a short block from church to the local bakery to have a muffin and coffee between Sunday school and the worship service. I just love that.
In this new year my number one resolution is to slow down and live in the present. Too often I find myself living for the future... Constantly planning and scheming to make some future moment better. Now that I have Lydia in my life I feel the passage of time so much stronger than I used to. Each week she grows and changes, and I want to relish in each moment as much as I can. It extends beyond her, too. I'm happier when I'm not constantly looking forward to the next thing. I need to take more deep breaths and be content in the moment I am living. And at this moment my baby daughter is sleeping with her head on my shoulder making sweet noises in my ear. I'm so blessed.


Leah Maria said...

Their sweet laughs are the sweetest thing you will ever hear!

Casey said...

I talked to Leah last weekend and was so happy to hear that Lydia was at the 8 lb mark. She is growing good! yay! I'm with you, my motto this year is "wherever you go, there you are". I too am always planning and let the time at hand slip by without noticing. I'm thinking this will be a lifelong challenge but so worth it :)

Phillip Oliver said...

Hi Lisa, sorry for contacting you here but I couldn't find any other way. You are the winner of the book! If you will send me your address, I'll have them send it to you. Just e-mail me at oliver at Thanks!

Ginger said...

awww how sweet! she just gets cuter and cuter, somehow!
love your sweet family photo too. next year she won't be so compliant for pics so enjoy it :-)