Saturday, July 07, 2007

Veggie Garden and Rainy Skies

Forget all these silly elephant ears. How did I miss the fact that these plants drink gallons and gallons of precious water?! Augh! I'm getting rid of some of them, and I am getting this:

Yep, a raised veggie garden. I can't wait. It is on SALE, too, at Gardeners Supply Company.
I am already reading about raised beds. I should have them installed in the next few weeks. By July 20th at least. Here in Missisippi that leaves basically an entire growing season before I even have to think about frost. I can grow all kinds of veggies! And with the rain we've been getting...

Look at these clouds! It has been raining for at least a week. Daily showers, very little sun. This is what the sky looks like all the time these days. Like England!
Speaking of England, hubby and I are going to London in about 8 weeks. I am beyond excited! 3 nights in London, 2 nights in Paris, then 3 more nights in London. Fabulous!

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Connie said...

You'll never regret starting a vegetable garden and raised beds are so easy to care for as you can concentrate water, compost, soil amendments, etc. on a smaller area.
Look forward to seeing some veggies photos! :-)