Saturday, July 07, 2007

What happens when your computer crashes?

I'll tell you what happens when my computer crashes. Work becomes very hard. The things that used to be easy to do - look up a stored proc, read a quick snippet from a document I wrote in 2005, email someone whose email address I don't have stored in my brain - become acts of God to get done. For two weeks I endured life without VPN. And for three weeks I pretended to be a Systems Analyst without SQL Server. Ha!

Needless to say, during those three weeks the LAST thing I wanted to do when I got off work was to look at the computer! I didn't want to blog! Everything was harder to do when I didn't have a trusty laptop by my side.

This was my computer screen on June 14th. Yikes!

Thankfully the good folks at the helpdesk were able to get it fixed. Yes, I sometimes blog using my work laptop. No, I don't save my photos to the laptop. I use picasa. Thank goodness. Because that means my photos didn't get eaten by the hard drive killer monster.

I am back up with a rebuilt laptop, VPN, and SQL Server. And I'm ready to blog. I have a lot to say! I'll be in Oxford this week (leaving today), so hopefully during my down time I can do a few posts this week to catch everyone up.

The Garden Blog is Back!


Connie said...

My sincere sympathies on your computer crash! :-( So glad you're back online. :-) BTW, my Sundown coneflower bloomed and I posted a photo of it on my blog.

Leah Maria said...

Ok, that is a bad blue screen of death. Good thing is we do have a good helpdesk that will rebuild it for you.

I still need to work on my personal laptop to get it working again.