Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Freezer Jam and Canned Peaches

Last week I went to the fruit stand and picked up a basket of beautiful ripe peaches. I had big plans for my tasty purchase. I was going to keep some for eating, make peach freezer jam with some, and use some for canned peaches. Yum-yum. Of course, the ones for eating turned out perfect. ;)
I didn't do so well with the canned peaches. I probably did about a thousand things wrong while canning, but the one that did me in is that I didn't heat my lids properly before processing the jars. The seal failed and water leaked in. We'll have to eat them up soon. I doubt that will be a problem considering peach cobbler is my #1 favorite dessert in the world. My mamma used to make a "Lazy Man Peach Cobbler" that I would eat by the bowlfuls.
I made a peach and raspberry freezer jam that is just perfect on a biscuit. I whipped it up on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning, we devoured it on our biscuits. Mmm, mmm, good.
UPDATE: The recipe I used is here: Peach Melba Freezer Jam from Ball


Connie said...

Wow, great looking peaches...they are making me hungry. :-)

Katie said...

Um, yeah...I'm going to need some instructions on how to make Peach & Raspberry Freezer Jam. Sounds SO yummy.