Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Cocktails

On Sunday night, Chip made us two yummy, warm-weather cocktails. For me, a Pink Salty Dog. For himself, a Blackberry-Mint Julep. Both recipes I'd clipped from Martha Stewart a few years ago.
My salty dog was so delicious! It reminded me of a grapefruit flavored margarita. I didn't try the julep because I'm not really a fan of bourbon, but Chip said it was delicious, too.


Leah Maria said...

Both look tasty! I'm not a big fan of salty dogs, but would go for the mint julp.

Peoples republic of garden said...

They both look yummy - but if I had mint id go for Mojiito! :)

Lisa Blair said...

Ooooh - I love mojitos! I've put mint in a container garden, but it isn't doing great. I've been scared to put it in the beds because I don't want it to grow out of control.