Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Vine Borer Battle Continues

This evening I found four holes in three of my squash plants and orangey sawdust stuff coming from the holes. After all my searching for and squishing vine borer eggs, I guess a few still hatched and ate their way into my plants. I extracted the icky worms and smooshed them. They were tiny, not even half the size of a pencil eraser.

One of the plants didn't need much repair at all, but two others needed major surgery. I washed out the holes, staked the plants, and mounded soil around the wounds. I need to keep a good watch over them because they are blooming, and that means I'm only a few weeks away from squash!

Some of my Swiss chard is ready this week, and I'm planning to cook a new dish with the chard, garbanzo beans, and feta cheese. If it turns out good, I'll post the recipe.

Who else out there is happy that we have a short work week? I know I am!


Leah Maria said...

Ugh! I know that has to be frustrating. I am beyond thrilled this was a short week! The end of today cannot get here soon enough!!

Casey said...

I'm glad too! And next weekend I'll be in vicksburg. I don't want you to have to rush home or anything so if next weekend doesn't work out maybe next time. I have to go to Scott Benson's wedding shower Saturday night that my mom is helping host, and I leave on sunday. but if somehow it works i'd love to see your place and your garden!