Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I finally broke down this morning and pulled out the sprinklers to water the front lawn. I watered it really well for about an hour. Of course you know what that means. It started raining shortly after I put the sprinkler away, and we've had three good showers throughout the day.

My vegetables are certainly happy about it, even if I'm not thrilled with the timing. I've got beautiful Swiss chard, a teeny tiny yellow squash, two tomatoes, and a mini-bell pepper.

Now, call me crazy, but I don't love plain raw tomatoes. I adore them cooked in a sauce or in salsa or even chopped on a salad. When the first tomato ripens this season, I am going to slice it up, layer it with sliced mozzarella cheese and basil, then drizzle the whole thing with some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little kosher salt, and some pepper. That's a caprese salad, and I think for me it will be the perfect celebration of the summer's first tomato.


Priscilla said...

Beautiful tomatoes and pepper! I'm still waiting for mine, I have tomato flower blossoms finally! Your recipe sounds delicious :)

Leah Maria said...

I'm very jealous of the rain you got yesterday. Our poor yard needs it desperately. Maybe I should try the trick of watering it so it will rain.

The veggies look great! I'm with you on not just eating a tomatoe by itself. Cherry tomatoes are the only ones I can do that with, but they do have a different taste to me than large tomatoes. The caprese salad sounds deilious. Might have to try that one out myself.

Casey said...

If you pick them before they turn red, you can always slice them, batter them up, and fry them for some fried green tomatos! I did a couple of weeks ago and served it over some greens with comeback sauce for a FGT salad and it was freakin good!