Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Right when we moved into this house, we found a little chipmunk drowned in the pool. So sad! He was such a cute, tiny little creature, and I felt so awful that he had fallen in and couldn't find his way out.
To continue the wildlife saga... yes, we have a chipmunk. Maybe even a family of chipmunks!
Apparently the chipmunk family made their way back to our yard. I was sitting in my office chair a few weeks ago when Walle started going nuts. I looked our the front window and saw this bad boy running across the front porch.

I've spotted this chipmunk (or maybe its relatives) numerous times over the past few weeks. Sometimes it is in the backyard, making its way across the back porch. Sometimes, it is on the front porch sniffing around for its next dinner. I do enjoy seeing these cute little creatures in my yard.


Shirley said...

Awe. It is soooo cute! You are fortunate indeed to have little visitors like this.

Ginger said...

so cute!!! I had no idea we have chipmunks in MS. my cats would lose it, too :-)

Leah Maria said...

He's so cute!!! I bet Walle was going nuts over seeing him.

Inchwormart said...

Oh my...they are cute, but they breed like mad...they are such rascals in my yard, uprooting my seedlings, but yes...very cute!!! Here in New Jersey they are VERY abundant!

Casey said...

We didn't see any in Savannah but they are here in Birmingham. About a month ago I was outside and saw a cat chase a chipmunk across the street and then catch it and carried it back. The chipmunk would get free and the cat would continue to catch it. I finally went over to the cat and said "no!" and she dropped it and the chipmunk went up the tree. haha!