Saturday, February 16, 2013

6 months.

Today my baby is six months old. It is hard to believe that half of her first year has already come and gone. Really, I can't believe it.

I still haven't been to the doctor for a weight check since Lydia's 4 month appointment on December 27th. She was 9 pounds then, and now I think she's at least 12 pounds. We go to the doctor for her 6 month appointment on March 7th. Lydia is out of all her newborn clothes and is in 3 month+ clothes. A few of her 3 month pajamas are snug but still fitting. She graduated to size 2 diapers a few weeks ago, still Seventh Generation brand.

Lydia's appetite has really grown over the past week. She is eating 4 to 5 ounces at every bottle. I'm still pumping and supplementing a few ounces a day with Enfamil. She's been eating two tablespoons of Earth's Best organic rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula at 6 pm every day. Today we added a tablespoon of rice cereal at lunchtime, but I think it gave her a tummy ache.

We've started putting her to bed a little earlier because she gets sleepy by 7:30 pm. I give her a dream feed bottle around 10 pm. Lydia still wakes up in the middle of the night most nights, but for the past week we've been able to put her back to sleep without feeding her. Once we get her back to sleep she usually sleeps to 5 or 6 am. She wakes up for a bottle, plays for a little while, then goes back down for a long morning nap. She generally takes two more long naps during the day after she eats.

Her biggest achievements are sitting up in the Bumbo, lifting her head and body 90 degrees while on her tummy, and rolling over from her tummy to her back (both ways). She can roll from her back to her side, but she hasn't rolled from her back to tummy yet. It won't be long though.

I was really excited when she rolled over for the first time. I was playing on the floor with her last Friday night putting her on her tummy and watching her lift her body up by pushing through her hands and arms. Then, all of the sudden she pushed off one hand and boom! She was on her back. I think she kinda scared herself at first. She did it again three times, but was tired after that. We tried to get her to do it again all weekend, but she didn't have a repeat performance. Then, on Monday I stayed home from work because I had a sinus infection. Lydia's sitter came over so I could get some rest. In the afternoon we were playing with Lydia, and I put Lydia on her tummy, hoping that she would do her rolling over trick. She did and has been doing it very steadily since then.

Things Lydia likes:
Her crinkle books. They make fun noises and have chewy corners. She loves them.
Her floor mirror. We have it attached to the bricks in front of the fireplace. Her activity mat is on the floor there. She loves looking in the mirror these days.
Funny faces and noises always get a smile out of Lydia. Daddy makes the best funny faces!
Making spit bubbles.
Fingers and mouths, hers and ours. She still loves sucking her hands, fists, fingers, and thumbs. And now she realizes that we have mouths, too, so she wants to shove her fingers in our mouths. Its pretty disgusting when those little fingers are covered in cereal, drool, formula, and breast milk.

We still don't know who she looks like. What do y'all think? Me or Chip?


Ginger said...

A good mix- chip in pic 1 and you in pic 5!

Happy half birthday to Lydia!!!

Leah Maria said...

Brian says Chip; but I'm not sure I can tell.