Sunday, February 17, 2013

English Rose for a New Trellis

We recently had some work done on a section of the yard that was in bad shape. The area is about eight feet by twenty feet. It borders a patio under our deck, the driveway, an iron fence, and a ditch between our property and the neighbor's wood fence. Prior owners of this house had spread mulch all over the area and used it for a playground. The mulch had deteriorated and the area had become really weedy. Add in a poorly placed walkway and poor drainage, and we had an area that was a real mess.

While I was home on maternity leave, I called in some landscapers to come redirect the walkway, lay zoysia sod, and put in a bed along the iron fence. They planted white knockout roses in the middle of the long fence and sweet olives on either end.

I also had them build a wooden trellis to hide the utility boxes and meters on the side of the house. They were the first thing I saw every day when I drove into the carport, and I wanted them hidden. I gave them this photo as my inspiration:

The one they built for me is really similar. Because my house is a 1975 modern style split-level home, the landscapers gave it a cleaner shape. What I want to do with this trellis is plant climbing roses on either side with clematis, too. The spot only gets about 3 or 4 hours of midday sun. In the morning I have full shade from the house, and in the mid-afternoon dappled shade through the large trees all around our property. I have whittled down my list of English roses to these nine climbers that are supposedly good for shady positions and hot, humid areas of the US:
A Shropshire Lad - image from the Kew Gardens website

Abraham Darby - image from the Antique Rose Emporium

Benjamin Britten - image from David Austin Roses

Crown Princess Margareta - image from Roses UK

Golden Celebration - image from The Gardening Website UK

Graham Thomas - image from Rose Gardening World

James Galway - image from Brooke's Rose Garden

Teasing Georgia - image from Dave's Garden

The Generous Gardener - image from the Garden Web Forums

So, help me decide! I've created a poll at the top of the blog. Let me know which one you like best for the area. Remember, these are the parameters: my modern style home (although I am a cottage garden lover), existing plantings of sweet olive and white knockouts close by. 

I'll try to post a photo of the area soon! 


sm2 said...

I'm partial to the Generous Gardener since that's the climber I have! I've been very happy with it!

Nelson said...

I would definitely prefer James Galway as this type of rose can be trained as a robust climber which is notable for the unusual neatness of the flowers.