Sunday, February 03, 2013

Baby's First Cereal

At Lydia's 4 month appointment Dr. Singletary said we could start Lydia on rice cereal in mid-January. I decided to wait a few more weeks and start her on February 1st. We fed her 1 tablespoon of rice cereal mixed with 5 tablespoons of breast milk. It was really watery, but I guess that's how it is supposed to be for her first time.

From the first bite, Lydia was such a good eater. She opened her mouth and sucked on the spoon.

She even got her hands in on the action and grabbed the spoon.

As expected, not all the cereal made it into her mouth or stayed in her mouth. She did spit quite a bit of it out. The next night, we mixed 1 tablespoon of cereal with 4 tablespoons of breast milk. The texture was much easier to work with and feed to her. She really caught on easily and was opening her mouth wide to receive a bite.

I am so excited that our little baby is eating cereal now. She is growing up too fast, but I'm really proud of her for doing so well!


Casey said...

She is such a beautiful little girl!

Sage and Jack said...

Big girls! She is just so precious. Love those eyes.

Ginger said...

Lydia is the most beautiful baby ever! She could be in commercials!!!

Lisa Blair said...

thanks everyone!!