Monday, June 17, 2013

Armadillo Drama

This is what my side yard looks like... every single morning.
This winter we got this area of our yard sodded with zoysia. The previous owners had put wood chip mulch all over the area and had a playset. The mulch had really broken down and the area was covered in weeds. Zoysia does pretty well in part shade, so we thought we'd try it out. The lack of sun has been the least of our worries. Pretty soon after the temperatures started warming up we'd go out in the mornings to see our sod pulled up and turned over. An animal was flipping it over looking for worms and grubs. After a little research, I determined that it is an armadillo.

At first we started with a havahart trap placed strategically in the yard. That didn't work. Then, I found a co-worker who had a trap from That one didn't work either. I kept telling Chip that "we" needed to build a funnel or chute to direct the animal into the trap. I fully meant that he should build it. I have no idea how to build an armadillo funnel.

Then, I got smart. I noticed some temporary fencing at a home construction site. One trip to Home Depot later, and we have the materials to build an armadillo chute.

I am hoping that this stuff will serve two purposes. 1) Keep the armadillo(s) out of my side yard long enough to let the grass put down some strong roots. Then I won't need to keep the pesky pest out. 2) Funnel the armadillo into the trap.

I'm sure my neighbors are going to love looking at this in my yard every time they drive by. I'm hoping the armadillo doesn't just dig under it. Here's hoping we have a rodent to relocate here soon!


Phillip Oliver said...

I've heard that they are so destructive. Fortunately I've only seen one - in our driveway a few years ago - and I chased him away.

Sophia said...

The hard part of armadillo control is that they can show up anytime from dusk to dawn and waiting around for them is brutal.

Lisa Blair said...

I haven't caught him yet, but since we put the fence up I am happy to report that we've had NO DAMAGE.