Saturday, June 29, 2013

Woah! 10 Months!

I'm so late writing this post that Lydia is already halfway to 11-months now. Lydia turned 10-months old on June 16th. We've been on vacation for the past week, so I have a good excuse for why it has taken me so long to get this post together.
Having fun with the IKEA bead roller coaster that Ginger gave us.

Gosh, the tenth month has been a great one for us. It was really rocky in the beginning with Lydia continuing to not want to be rocked to sleep and me continuing to want to do it. But, I think we've worked it all out. Lydia still lets me (or Chip) feed her a bottle at bedtime. Some nights she is okay with being held and snuggling with mamma or daddy for a while, but others she really wants to flop around in the crib and get comfortable, so we put her down. She usually goes right to sleep. For the most part she's still sleeping through the night most nights with the occasional night (maybe twice a week?) where she wakes enough that one of us has to go in there and help her go back to sleep. 
She loved napping in her swing for months, but our girl loves to sleep on her stomach now and is outgrowing it.

We haven't changed her napping or feeding schedule at all since last month. The only change is that she is drinking more - about 6 ounces in the morning, afternoon, and evening and 3 ounces with b'fast, lunch, and dinner. We have introduced meats and stage 3 baby foods along with some real food like pasta, wheat bread, crackers, cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, and chicken. The funniest thing I've discovered so far with foods is that Lydia loves garlic! She is definitely her mother's child! We can sprinkle some garlic & herb seasoning on just about any vegetable, and Lydia will gobble it up. We also add cinnamon to sweet potatoes or squash quite often, and she loves that.

All this eating has definitely put some weight on our girl. She is about to outgrow some of her 6 month clothes and will be graduating to 9 month pajamas. My guess is that she is at least 14 pounds by now. She's still in size 2 diapers. Memorial Day weekend and the following week Lydia cut all four of her top teeth one after the other. When she cut the first top tooth we were visiting my mom for the weekend. What a nightmare! Lydia cried a bunch with the pain and because she was in a new place. I felt bad for my mom because Lydia was is a really foul mood for most of the visit. She was up to six teeth on June 16th, and has cut two more since then. 

I've got some video of Lydia rolling around that's pretty cute. I'll upload it one of these days. She's sitting up really well now. She still hasn't pulled herself up to sitting, but I see it happening any day now. 

I have vacation photos to post soon, too! Very soon, I promise!
We put Lydia in her swimsuit and in the baby pool. She hated it! The water was too cold.

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challie west said...

They are growing up so quickly... I can't wait for Collins to meet her. Glad yall had a great trip!