Monday, April 09, 2007

Cold Snap!

It has been down in the low 30s for the past few nights. It is supposed to warm up nicely today, up to 63F. The chilly temps kept me inside on Saturday, but that was a good thing because my house was a wreck! I got some spring cleaning done and did about 5 loads of laundry. Yay!

After church on Sunday I had some time to prepare my semi-circle bed for annual seeds: sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos. These seeds remind me of my grandmother's country garden. She lines her huge vegetable garden with sunflowers. It is such a sight to see in the summer. She also has a big flower garden with Rose-of-Sharon, gladioli, hibiscus, zinnias, bachelor's buttons, and cosmos. I just love it!

Last year, the semi-circle bed was a wreck. The ground was super hard and the bed was full of rocks and roots. I couldn't even get a shovel through the topsoil without jumping up and down on it. I spent God-knows-how-many hours digging, adding compost, turning, and mulching. I was worried when I put the first shovel in yesterday. Would it still be yucky? Thankfully all my hard work paid off! The soil was in great condition for seeds.

Here's the seed list. I got these from the Burpee kiosk at HD.

Mammoth - 12ft
Evening Sun - 7ft
AztecGold - 6ft
Del Sol - 5ft

Purple Prince - 3ft

Sensation Radiance - 4ft

I have a few other seeds that I plan to put in the front of the bed, but I have pansies there now. Pretty soon I'll pull up the pansies and plant the other zinnias and cosmos.

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