Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An Herb Garden

Last year I had the beginnings of a pretty good herb garden. I sectioned off a bit of my backyard, improved the soil with compost, and put some plants from the grocery store in the ground. I had a rosemary bush in a container and English thyme, Italian oregano and sweet basil in the ground. The thyme and oregano lived through the winter and are still looking good. The basil (an annual) and the rosemary bit the dust. This year I vowed to expland on the herb garden. I found an online store that sells a huge variety of organic herbs and perennials. This is what I ordered last night:
Rosemary, Pine Scented Rosemary & Spice Islands Rosemary
Dwarf Garden Sage
Lemon Thyme & Hi-Ho Silver Thyme
Sweet Basil

I also ordered a few perennials while I was looking around:
All Purple Mexican Bush Sage
Blue Veronica

I wanted the victoria sage and the spanish lavender, but they weren't in stock. I want an assortment of purple perennials to compliment the yellow rose bushes. Any suggestions?

Spanish Lavender

Victoria Sage


Carol said...

I hate when I want something and it is sold out. You might try another Lavender variety... that's all I can think of right now. Good Luck!

Lisa Blair said...

The French and English lavenders do not do well in our hot, humid climate. I'm holding out for this Spanish lavender because I really want one!