Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Farmers' Markets and Plant Sales

Some clues that spring is in full swing are when the farmers' markets open and the plant sales begin. Last weekend was filled with both. I dropped by the Mississippi Farmers' Market in Jackson on Saturday morning to see what was there. The strawberries looked incredible and tasted incredible! I also picked up a sesame challah - oh so good! I hope the bread folks are there every weekend. My new plan is to drop by every Saturday morning, buy what is fresh, and plan the week's meals around what I buy. That way I'm buying local, homegrown produce . Yum Yum.

After the farmers' market, I made my way over to Mynelle Gardens for the Master Gardeners' annual plant sale. They had a good selection. Many of the plants were the "passalong plants" you'd find in Felder's book with the same name. After about 20 minutes of browsing I decided on six cast iron plants to go around a tree in the backyard, one 'Mynelle' Daisy, and one 'Marguerite' Daisy. I plan to put the daisies in the perennial bed this weekend. The Landscaping students at Hinds Community College were also having a plant sale, but I didn't have time to get over there. I hear that their selection is fabulous.

My herbs should be coming in today. I need to get out there and get that spot ready for them. Hopefully I'll have some time after work today to get a little dirty. The zinnia, cosmo, and sunflower seeds are coming up all over the semi-circle bed. I am super excited about this bed because I haven't had zinnias and sunflowers in years. It should make for some pretty photos and great bouquets.


sm2 said...

How wonderful! I LOVE challah's my favorite for french toast! Are they open on Sunday? We will be driving through Jackson on Sunday afternoon. Also, does chip ever play with Mayhem String Band?

Lisa Blair said...

Here is the website for the Mississippi Farmers' Market:

They are only open Tues, Thurs, and Sat. Too bad you'll miss them! The bread was truly delicious.

Haha - while you are on that website, check out that picture of Lester Spell, the Comissioner. Ha!