Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another weekend post

I posted yesterday about my front porch bed and how I was thinking about replacing those azaleas with Knock Out roses. I've been reading more about knock out roses here. I first got the idea of putting those in my front porch bed when I saw a flower bed at church planted with knock out roses, salvia, and lantana. The combination was just gorgeous. I already have the lantana and the salvia, and I really think a hot pink flower would compliment my yard nicely. I still haven't made up my mind 100%, but I am really leaning toward this plant.

I've been sick this week with a seasonal cold. It started on Monday with sneezing and then by Wednesday I had a slight fever. Today I felt tons better and I really wanted to get out there and do some work. I did some light pruning and weeding, and twenty minutes into it I was wheezing and coughing my head off. It was just too much too soon. The high today was about 87F. Just too hot to be gardening with a chest cold.

There are a million to-do items on my list for fall, but with temperatures still up near 90F this week, I can't start on them. Some of the things on my list:
  • Shrubs (mostly azaleas) to move.
  • Perennials to purchase and plant.
  • An entire bed to clean out... I inherited a bed of irises planted in full shade. They never bloom. I plan to move them to the back of the house where the rest of the irises happily bloom every spring. In the full shade I plan to put in cast iron plant. I bought a bunch of it to put under one of my oak trees, but they get way too much sun there.
The thing is, I can't do any of that until the temps cool down a bit. None of these plants will take to their new spot too happily when it is close to 90F outside.

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