Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We're Baa-aack!

We are back from our way too short vacation. It was wonderful! We went to London for 3 days, Paris for 2, then London for 3 more.

I visited the gardens at Regents Park and Hyde Park. We didn't make it out to Hampstead Heath or Kew Gardens. I definitely want to make it to those two the next time we go back. Next time? Yes, of course there will be a next time! Here are some of my favorite garden photos:

In the wealthy neighborhoods there are these private parks every few blocks or so. We took a walk around Sloane Square one morning and I peeked at one through the fence. All the gardens are very well kept.

Interestingly enough I saw yuccas all over Regents Park. London rarely freezes in winter, but with the high rainfall I was suprised to see these. Yuccas are native to hot, dry landscapes.

My husband, Chip, in one of the gardens at Regents Park. Some special flowers at Regents Park:

Purple aster and yarrow

Pink dahlias

Yellow roses: Phab Gold and Poetry in Motion. The blooms on Poetry in Motion were out of this world! Bigger than my fist, I think.

The pond in the Inner Circle at Regents Park.

Me, posing for a photo on the brige to the pond's island garden.

This was the outdoor courtyard at our first hotel in London: B+B Belgravia. That lime green tree in the top part of the frame was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I'd have gotten a better photo of it.

Lancaster Gate in Hyde Park. Our second hotel in London was just on the other side of that gate. What a bright color combination on this flower bed! What do you think of it?

The Rose Garden in Hyde Park near Hyde Park Corner.

Another bold color combination.

A bench in the Rose Garden.


sm2 said...

Love the pics! Daniel and I have to get to work on our yard this winter, so ours will look better next year! Glad you finally posted!

Phillip said...

My dream is to one day do this! I'm so envious. Did you go to Sissinghurst? That would be first on my list.

Lisa Blair said...

Phillip - I did not make it to Sissinghurst. I would have loved to visit all the cottage gardens around London, but we just didn't have time. One of these days I want to do the whole Cotswolds thing, too. I definitely wouldn't want to come back then!

Lisa Blair said...

Turns out that "purple yarrow" is not a purple yarrow at all. It is Upright Verbena. Verbena bonariensis. I love it and I may get some to go beside my yellow roses.

Kathryn said...

Lisa...I finally found your blog. Look out! Did I tell you I've toured the Cotswolds? Not a proper garden tour, but...it was absolutely gorgeous, charming, and peaceful. And of course I forgot my camera...perhaps something to do with the after effects of the previous night out in Bath. Oh well.